Optimiertes Flächenangebot

Optimiertes Flächenangebot was a group show that took place in a former power station called „5kV-Station“ in Saarbrücken in winter 2018.
Participating artists were: Frank Jung, Luise Talbot, Tim Jungmann ,Susanne Kocks, Martin Milojevic, Miriam Dockendorf, Laura Sperl.

The following images show a selection of Laura Sperls works exhibited in the 5kV-Station.

Installation view |drawing, two wires, scraped wall

drawing |pencil on paper |2017

Installation view ear

ear | aquarelle on finn-cardboard | 2018

installation view untitled (positive form) | finn-cardboard, scraped wall

Installationview untitled (negative form) | finn-cardboard, drill-hole