2020 | Installation consisting of a video with sound (4.27 minutes), 
projected on a rear projection screen; flamingofeather; red window film

Pluto was developed within a project series called »von_bis_ « and was
located on the attic of a heritage protected house in Saarbrücken that
was built in 1898. The installed projection shows a slow motion recording
of a group of flamingos at a waterhole. The wooden attic room is bathed
in a dark red light that enters through a small colored roof hatch.
In the darkest corner of the room one can spot a softly lit feather that
glimmers in the dark like a distant star in the nightsky. Each work of the
exhibition was accompanied by a short text. Plutos text gives us scientific
data about the dwarf planet Pluto. It relates the protectedness of the birds-
nest, the house or the space capsule to the cosmic vastness, the warmth of
our home to the coldness of the universe, the passing of time on earth to the
passing of time in the All.







Photo: Marius Heimburger (Installation view: von_bis_*)
Photos: Laura Sperl (Installation view: von_bis_*)