Skyscraper (2018) was made on the occasion of the exhibition
Optimiertes Flächenangebot, which took place in a former
substation in Saarbrücken in winter 2018.

The fixation of the object with two wires functioned both, first as
a spacer that protects the paperwork from the damp wall and second
to create a shadow which adds plasticity to the drawing.
The two wires resemble elements of the electrotechnology:
a device is connected to an electrical circuit by a minus and a plus pole.
In Skyscraper the drawing is mounted with the imaginary energy flowing
through the walls of the former power station. The manipulation of the
wall (the removal of the plaster) expands the inner Motive of the drawing
onto the walls: in a height of two meters one can see a horizon of summits,
which resembles the torn paper edge of the drawing.